Emma Lindsey gives up her chance for a job on the mainland when she returns home to Malino, Hawaii, to be with her mother after her father's sudden death.  That was a year ago and life is now dull, dull, dull. What she wants is "bells and magic and adoration" from a boyfriend.  Not exactly what she expects from her scientific, practical neighbor and best friend Matt.
On Valentine's Day, she receives a dozen yellow roses from a secret admirer.  As each holiday passes with a new offering, her anticipation escalates.  Everyone in her small hometown has their own idea of who it could be.  Many guess Matt, but it certainly couldn't be him--could it?
The Secret Admirer is a sweet, fast-moving romance.  Emma is an energetic, slightly naive heroine who is fun to be around.  Matt is an excellent match, and friends and family add non-intrusive enjoyment to the story.  A wonderful, light read for a cool autumn day.
--Susan Mobley for Romantic Times Magazine
Four Stars

The Secret Admirer
When Emma Lindsey begins receiving flowers from a secret admirer at the bank where she works, she has no idea who's sending them to her.  Conventional wisdom of Malino, Hawaii, says it's Matt Correa, Emma's longtime neighbor, but Emma has other ideas.  After all, she and Matt are just good friends...aren't they?  A small town in a Hawaiian setting provides a familiar but exotic background to this warm, sweet romance that shows sometimes the best place to look for love is right next door.

from:  What Do I Read Next? 2002_\ Vol. 1