Annette Mahon has always wanted to write novels. A voracious reader from her youth, her interest in books and literature fueled her career choice. Mahon has a Masters Degree in Library Science, has worked in public and university libraries, and even spent a year in a Veteran’s Administration Hospital Library. In Fort Wayne, IN, she hosted a library cable television show, “The Children’s Room.” Now that her children are grown, she is enjoying a second career as an author. She currently writes romance fiction with Hawaiian settings (and multicultural heroines) and cozy mysteries set in Scottsdale, Arizona.

When not writing, Mahon works on her quilts. She is addicted to appliqué work, both Hawaiian quilting and the more elaborate Baltimore Album style quilts. Samples of her work have appeared in Appliqué! Appliqué! Appliqué! by Laurene Sinema, Papercuts and Plenty by Elly Sienkiewicz, Quilters’ Newsletter Magazine and Quilt Japan magazine. Annette enjoys putting quilts into her novels. Her mystery series features a group of women who belong to a quilting group--and solve mysteries over the quilting frame!

A native of Hilo, Hawai`i, Annette has lived in Arizona for many years. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, Novelists, Inc., and the Authors Guild.


Hawaiian Romance:

The Matchmaker Quilt Series:
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Above the Rainbow.  ISBN 0-8034-9142-5.  NY: Avalon Books, 1995.


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